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Below are useful services for drone pilots, hand-picked by Airstoc.


Escadrone is a french national training school and drone constructor for both medias and technical drones. Escadrone's expertise lies in it's knowledge on cross plateform DJI and Pixhawk based drones to train people to fly and use their drone for photogrammetry. The drone learning program includes the construction of a training drone that belongs to the trainee and with which he'll be able to continue to train after the program. Escadrone is the french leader on technical drone expertise and will provide counsel on drones or programs dedicated to your needs.

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Unmanned Experts Inc.

Unmanned Experts Inc. (unmannedexperts.com) is a Colorado corporation providing world class Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS or drone) managed services, consultancy, and training. Our team of professionals, with thousands of hours of both UAS and manned flight experience, helps clients across many industries evaluate and integrate UAS tools and processes to aid precision data collection, cost savings, and safety improvements. UMEX specializes in critical infrastructure inspections in the bridge, transportation, oil and gas, and power generation / distribution sectors; and is FAA-approved through Section 333 exemptions, for commercial operations with more than 10 different aircraft types within a growing fleet. UMEX crews are OSHA-10 trained, NERC-screened and have peerless experience in the field. The company has undergone ISNetWorld Certification and is presently in the final stages of receiving the highest level of SGS Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) Safety & Compliance Verification. Online and in-residence training is one of UMEX's core competencies and Part 107 courses are available now.

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Dart Drones

DARTdrones is a national drone training school focused on helping businesses, government entities, and sUAS operators implement drones into their organizations. DARTdrones courses include flight training on the DJI Phantom and Inspire, an in-person and online UAS Ground School course designed to help UAS Operators pass the FAA Airman Knowledge Test, and online specialized training seminars including Aerial Photography, Marketing Your UAS Business, UAS Insurance, and Legal Considerations for UAS Businesses. DARTdrones Flight Instructors are all manned aircraft pilots who provide expert training throughout the United States. DARTdrones currently offers courses in 21 states in multiple cities across the United States, and is constantly growing.

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Reflet du Monde

Reflet du Monde is a French drone company proposing of training of professionnal pilots, aerial shooting through a national network, sales of drones and research and development activity

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Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre

We give our students the knowledge they need to operate a UAV safely and reliably. Our program is compliant with Transport Canada’s training requirements around UAV operations - both recreationally and commercially – provided in a professionally run and active flight training facility. We offer customized UAV training services as well as monthly sessions at our facility; taught by aviation professionals and UAV industry leaders.

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CineChopper Drone University

CineChopper Drone University is an all-inclusive online drone learning program. We teach the total accumulation of all the knowledge we've gained working full-time in this profession for years. You need to know more than how to fly a drone to be successful in this industry; you need the ability to pull off cinematic shots that will impress the client. Members will learn how to fly safely, get cinematic shots that clients will crave, and know how to create a successful drone business. We offer a friendly, supportive community 1400 members strong. Members who pass the Part 107 exam qualify for an exclusive discount on Aviation Liability / Hull insurance. CineChopper Drone University - Learn, Fly, Create.

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DroneDeploy makes it quick and easy to fly your drone and capture imagery, view and annotate maps, and then share those maps and insights with others to help them take action.

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Drone Pilot Ground School

Drone Pilot Ground School is a leading online test prep course for commercial drone pilots looking to pass the 60-question FAA Aeronautical Knowledge Test to gain their Remote Pilot Certificate. The course is self-paced, with lecture and module quizzes and 5 full-length practice tests that students can go through an unlimited number of times. Topics include weather reports, Sectional Charts, airport operations, and more. The curriculum was built in partnership with a Gold Seal Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) and former Chief Pilot of a Part 141 Flight School to align directly with the FAA's UAS Airman Certification requirements.

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$1M of drone liability insurance from $10/hr. Instant approval. This an amazing service, especially if you are just starting out, as it makes insurance very affordable!

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Drone Vibes

We are experts at Drones for all professional and consumer applications.

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