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Claire at Me and You Productions hired... Vortex Aerial

The team was very professional and it was a much bigger set-up and rig compared to the Mars Station drone shoot last time. The director is happy with the shots they got, and understands they had some tricky wind to deal with on the day. All in all, no complaints.

Julia at Alpha AMS Pictures hired... Drone Hire

The whole process was great. We are based in Canada and it was so great to have someone on the ground be so self-sufficient. Super cool service you guys offer!

Laura at Tile Films hired... The Drone Company

The guys were really great in cressing temple on Friday morning! Stephen was delighted with the aerials we got so thanks for that!

Claire at Love Productions hired... Aerial Republic

They were amazing. I couldn't have asked for better and I will only ever recommend them again. They are lovely chaps and worked hard and gave me beautiful results. I think they are superb.

Diana at Wild Pictures hired... daniel garate

Many thanks for all the help in finding a drone pilot. Just to let you know that Daniel in Lima Peru worked out very well for us.

Claire at Me and You Productions hired... Heli Watch

The director said the drone team were fantastic – worked hard and got some great shots, and we would highly recommend your service to others.

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